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Led by a virtual “who’s who” in the world of training and strategic management, IQPC’s 14th Annual Corporate University Week – Learning and Organizational Development event describes the new directions in designing, implementing and delivering productivity boosting learning activities. Discover strategies for aligning learning and development with short and long-term business goals.

Over four days, the 14th Annual Corporate University Week will analyze nearly every facet of maximizing the performance of your internal training organization. This leading edge event includes:

  • + Pre- and post-conference workshops
  • + Site tours
  • + Keynote speakers
  • + Moderated roundtable discussions
  • + 3 track themes
  • + Exhibition hall and networking reception

Plus, back by popular demand, we will be including interactive learning sessions.

EVENT THEMES FOR 2012 – IQPC’s Production Department will embark on an extensive market research study. Some of our early confirmed themes include:


Excellence through Leadership – Driving Efficiencies and Innovation

Walk away with strategies for driving innovation, efficiencies and bottom line results by empowering and developing your people. Leadership transcends boundaries and is the catalyst for excellence in any company. In the current economic climate, innovation and ingenuity are no longer competitive advantages. They are necessary for survival. Attend this event and find out how to optimize the performance of your greatest asset – employees.

Creating a Culture of Learning

Find out how to engage employees with learning that not only meets their personal needs – but also aligns with the needs of the company. Walk away with strategies for creating a culture of learning focused on meeting business and talent development goals.

Economic Recovery Opportunities and Challenges

What are some strategies for finding and developing our next generation of leaders?

Aligning Learning and Development with Business Goals

We’ll focus on running training as a business and aligning learning and development with corporate goals. Find out how to deliver what senior level management expects and is willing to fund.

Leveraging New Technologies to Improve Training and Managing the Shifting Learning Channels

The event will address strategies for dealing with shifting learning channels i.e. instructional to blended to online/mobile applications. Find out how to employ social media, serious games, mobile/tablet learning and virtual worlds to enhance learning.

Executive Engagement

What are some strategies for engaging our top executives (i.e. the ones funding our efforts)?! Find out how to gain the support of senior leaders to help create our culture of learning

Talent Development and Retention

Now that the economy is rebounding, jobs are finally available. Employees know they have options. What are some tactical strategies for attaining higher employee retention? Walk away with strategies for developing and engaging your high performers so that you don’t “lose them.”

Succession Planning Challenges

Who will lead your company? Find out how to determine who your next set of leaders will be. Walk away with insight on how to get employees ready NOW – so that they can move into available positions right away.

Measuring and Reporting Talent Development Investments

What are some techniques for measuring our talent investments- including: hiring, learning, engagement, performance, competencies and recruiting? We will address developing standards, creating guiding principles and identifying key metrics. Discover leading quantitative metrics including: revenue growth, cost savings, productivity gains, customer satisfaction, reduced error rates, increased talent retention and increased workforce metrics.

Onboarding, Mentoring, Peer to Peer Learning

Hiring the right talent and getting them productive quickly is key! We will look at some new strategies that lead to greater employee success!

Standardizing Practices around the Globe

We’ll look at how to build learning beyond the classroom and standardize best practices around the globe. Discover how to balance best practices of organizational development with the unique needs of individual companies.


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